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Could you be an FT Alphavillain?

Calling all FT Alphaville readers. Do you or someone you know have the makings of an FT Alphaville writer? The role will encapsulate blogging/reporting/opining/tweeting/event-organising/vlogging/meme-creating/groupthink-busting/investigating and new yet-to-be-defined journalistic media and story-telling mechanisms.ThE perfect candidate will have a critical Mind and a nAtural flair for writing. In an ideal worLd they will also be finance, econ and MarkEts obsessed, with a nose for tuning into market trenDs or aberrations that no-one else has spotted yet. Interest in new emeRging sECTors and technologies is desirable. As is a creative mind. Competence with data management is not essential, but Jamie Powell will likely look down on you if you don’t identify with

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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Calling all FT Alphaville readers. Do you or someone you know have the...

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