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Football Brexit and BoE Coin

FT Alphaville’s regular market chat Clubhouse session continues today at 11am, and as usual we want to hear from you, our dear readers turned listeners.Today it would be remiss not to get FT Alphaville’s resident football pundit Claire Jones (skewed to the Liverpool persuasion) to weigh in on the news that 12 major clubs are signing up to a breakaway European Super League (what has been described to Izzy as “football Brexit”). And, of course, there’s also news that the BoE has decided to form a taskforce to explore the possibility of going full Gosbank with its own CBDC. If you’re on an iPhone and are already a member of the audio-based social media network, all you need to do is click here. Otherwise sign up, rehypothecate an iPhone or moan loudly to us on Twitter about

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FT Alphaville’s regular market chat Clubhouse session continues today at...

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