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The great Grand National Excel model

Ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once remarked, “those who have knowledge don’t predict, and those who predict don’t have knowledge.”Perhaps. But the problem with predictions is that they’re fun to make. Particularly if you are in with a chance of making some dosh in the process.Speaking of which, the Grand National returns this weekend. After a break last year due to the pandemic, the steeplechase horse race held in Aintree, Liverpool has seemingly got the betting public more excited than ever about losing money on a four-legged mammal. There are several ways to work out which horse to bet on. Some punters, like this FT Alphavillain, just pick a name that makes us chuckle. Others, perhaps in a bid to seem sophisticated, try to make more of an exact science of the

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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Ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once remarked, “those who have knowledge...

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