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Revisiting the EV bubble spreadsheet

Since the turn of the month, markets have been quiet. Almost too quiet you might say. After several percentage point gyrations in the key indices over March as new data flowed daily on vaccination rates, Covid case levels and US fiscal stimulus, everything seemed to calm down. Hell, even the VIX has dipped below 20.So we thought it an opportune time to revisit our EV bubble spreadsheet from mid-January, which we’ve been updating fortnightly since we cobbled the document together one winter afternoon.Now, as FT Alphaville probably knows better than most, calling anything a bubble can be acutely embarrassing when the asset in question — whether it be the Austrian century bond or Wayfair’s equity — continues to march higher. Yet this time, we arguably nailed it.At pixel time

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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Since the turn of the month, markets have been quiet. Almost too quiet you...

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