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Electric vehicles at a spaghetti junction

If you think you had a bad Tuesday, just think of the UK’s environmental reporters.Yesterday marked the release of Her Majesty’s Government’s Net Zero Strategy, alongside a swathe of other green-fingered documents. The total page count? 1,868, and counting (h/t to Simon Evans for putting that sheet together). That’s longer than Thomas Mann’s epic Joseph and His Brothers, which took over 17 years for the German author to write, and is marginally a better read.A cynic might suggest that such a document dump is designed to avoid scrutiny. After all, who has the time, or the concentration level, to read anything longer than a Tweet nowadays? But if that were the case, the government probably wouldn’t be committing chart crimes so early on in its flagship 368-page report. (Or maybe they

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If you think you had a bad Tuesday, just think of the UK’s environmental...

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