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Credit Suisse/Archegos: pull no punches

Archegos Capital Management updatesSign up to myFT Daily Digest to be the first to know about Archegos Capital Management news. Remember Archegos Capital Management? Just before Easter on a quiet Friday trading day, whispers of giant blocks of shares being offered by reputable prime brokers began to reverberate around the market. By close, a host of popular stocks that included Viacom, GSX and Tencent Music Group had crumbled to double-digit percentage losses.No one quite knew what the dickens was going on, but it seemed someone, somewhere, was being liquidated against their will.That someone turned out to be Archegos. Helmed by Bill Hwang, a God-fearing Tiger Cub, the fund had built equity positions at multiples of its bn of assets using total return swaps. This wasn’t

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Archegos Capital Management updates

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