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Square: Blockheads

Look, we didn’t really want to write this. But then we thought, what if you missed out on perhaps the greatest meet the team page that’s ever graced the internet?Behold, the leadership page of Block! (née Square, as of Wednesday) If you think that doesn’t look real. Then you’d be thinking the same as FT Alphaville this freezing Thursday morning when we opened up Block’s website. But no. Someone really thought this looked great. And someone else probably got paid a lot for a look which makes the Tesla truck look like a design classic. Still, we’ll take any excuse to call board member, late stage Jack Kerouac and policy error specialist Larry Summers a blockhead. Some joked that Jack Dorsey’s recent arrival as full time chief executive at Square/Block would herald the sort of value

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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