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Barclays: did you hear about Jes?

Want to know what the media think about your bank following a FT story that your former chief executive exchanged 1,200 messages with a convicted sex offender? Well, YouGov has your back.On Monday, the lender sent out a snap questionnaire to a host of top media names asking for views on Barclays. And whether, you know, they’d seen that story about its now departed chief Jes Staley. The reward for answering? £30.Here’s a taste of the questions asked: © An And, the answer to that one from a source was predictably: The bank hasn’t been opposed to using YouGov’s services before. Back in 2018, it used data from its polling as one of the metrics in its executives’ long-term incentive plan. And it does regularly canvass the media for their views on the business.But this time

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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Want to know what the media think about your bank following a

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