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Snap AV: an echo from March 2000

FT Alphaville is a fan of sweepy morning markets newsletters which can be read, and understood, while your brain is still moving up through the gears.One of our favourites is the offering from Deutsche Bank’s Jim Reid which is titled, imaginatively, Early Morning Reid (gettit?). Flicking through his missive this grey Friday morning, a little haggard from last night’s FT drinks, we stopped mid-sip of our extra strong coffee when we came across this stat in his summary of Thursday’s equity market moves. (Note: Jim’s emphasis, not ours.)Starting with those equity moves, it was difficult to characterise yesterday’s session in some ways, since although the S&P advanced +0.34%, it was driven by a relatively narrow group of sectors, with only a third of the index’s components actually

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FT Alphaville is a fan of sweepy morning markets newsletters which can be read, and...

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