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ARK Invest: space cadets

ARK Invest is an investment manager and ETF provider that believes the future is now. Since it was founded in 2014 by veteran fund manager Cathie Wood, the investment house has ridden a near decade bull market in speculative technology stocks to amass over bn of assets under management. Cementing the business as, depending on your perception, a pin-up for growth investing or a sign of unhinged market excess.Either way, whether its ARK’s ,000 price target for Tesla’s stock or its defence of Bitcoin’s environmental impact, it’s hard to ignore the once Wirecard investor’s current spot in the market discourse.So, of course, we just had to take a look at its latest ETF launch: ARK Space Exploration and Innovation, which is due to start trading later on Tuesday under the

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ARK Invest is an investment manager and ETF provider that believes the...

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