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Amazon’s Ealing surveillance shopping studio

Lockdown Britain, it seems, is not without its ironies.Amazon -- the global online retail behemoth and major corporate beneficiary of forced domestic isolation -- has deemed it the opportune moment to transmute its online delivery business into a bricks and mortar one.It has done so, of all places, in leafy suburban Ealing. A West London borough best known for its eponymous film studios (which catapulted Peter Sellars, Alec Guinness and Jamie Powell to fame), a large Polish community and, more drearily, as the old stomping ground of former Labour leader Neil Kinnock, tennis champion Fred Perry and err, this here editor of FT Alphaville. As Amazon’s new shop was both in walking range and I was missing a number of essential larder items -- Peri Peri sauce, Blue Cheese

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Lockdown Britain, it seems, is not without its ironies.

Amazon -- the...

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