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Tesla’s sufficient management

Thursday was a busy news day for followers of Tesla, the 5bn electric car company that intends to save the world from itself.First, the 10-K dropped, containing news of a Department of Justice inquiry, and one SEC investigation being replaced with another. Barely an hour later, Tesla announced it was seeking to raise bn in equity for general corporate purposes. The shares, in defiance of modern finance theory, finished the day up 4.78 per cent.FT Alphaville, of course, set about reading the 10-K and while we run the numbers with our limited Excel skills, we thought it was worth pointing out a change in one of Tesla’s risk factors. Here’s a screenshot from financial data firm Sentieo, which has a tool that neatly compares changes between filing vintages. New language in 2019’s 10-K in

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Thursday was a busy news day for followers of Tesla, the $145bn electric car company that...

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