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Is the “science” behind the lockdown any good?

We should all be pretty familiar with the narrative by now. An arrogant, exceptionalist British government was until mid-March pursuing a reckless strategy of herd immunity that would have callously allowed a huge number of old and vulnerable people to die and the health system to be overwhelmed. Then came a “bombshell” from Imperial College London: a “doomsday report” predicting there would be 500,000 deaths if we were to carry on down that road, prompting a sudden government U-turn, and ultimately the decision to lock the country down. Gone was the Machiavellian Dominic Cummings plan of “letting old people die”; in was STAY AT HOME; PROTECT THE NHS; SAVE LIVES. (The notion that it was Cummings who was pushing for the herd immunity idea has since been disputed, while the notion that

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