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Markets Now – Thursday 4th June 2020

You know what we don’t talk about much around here? Cheese. It’s National Cheese Day and to mark this occasion there’s a press release through from Gousto, a company that sells recipe boxes presumably including cheese:Revealed: The UK's Favourite Lockdown CheeseIt’s Red Leicester.The press release also has an infographic: Today is also National Hug Your Cat Day and National Moonshine Day but the flacks for moonshine and cat recipe boxes didn’t send infographics. All of which begs the question: where are all the European listed cheesemakers? Dairy Crest was bought last year by Saputo and Arla Foods was taken private by its parent company way back in 2007. Danone pivoted in 2017 towards “dairy fermented products” rather than cheese, which is an interesting example of syllogistic logic.

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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You know what we don’t talk about much around here? Cheese. It’s

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