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Markets Now – Thursday 9th July 2020

Who’ll be the first business section columnist to argue that ESG is corporate cancel culture, do you think? Jeremy Warner maybe? Alex Brummer? Or will that brand of contrarian obtuseness remain exclusive to the likes of Brendan O’Neill? We ask apropos of Boohoo no longer being cancelled. Shares are up 33 per cent at pixel (or around £1.2bn in market cap terms) which is at least in part in response to news that . . . UK authorities have found no evidence of modern slavery offences in the first round of inspections on Boohoo subcontractors in Leicester, underlining the challenge of tackling allegations about the city’s illegal garment factories.Over the past week seven separate government agencies visited nine premises in Leicester, prompted by allegations about illegal work practices that

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Who’ll be the first business section columnist to argue that ESG is corporate cancel culture,...

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