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Markets Now – Tuesday 7th July 2020

A good thing about the coronavirus -- at least relative to the very many extremely bad things about it, to be clear -- is that it generates a huge amount of data. It’s a brand new global macro indicator that overarches all trends and has fresh numbers available each day that can match every scenario. Stocks up? That’ll be on the sharp decline in European infection rates. Stocks down? Well, there’s the surge in Latin America daily deaths. C19 is an invaluable convenience for when a person is trying to avoid writing about currency debasement for the 700,000th time, or just wants to come with an argument more scientific than stocks falling today because they rose yesterday. Here’s what such a day would look like, BTW: And so to Tuesday’s corporate. Plus500 is having an exceptional plague.

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A good thing about the coronavirus -- at least relative to the very many extremely bad things...

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