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Markets Now – Monday 3rd August 2020

The FT’s first ever mention of Bytedance, the owner of video silo Tiktok, was in Alphaville. Back in November 2016, FTAV cast a crook eye at Bytedance’s technology stack and mooted bn valuation as part of its This is nuts. When’s the crash? strand. Spin forward less than two years and the valuation had risen to bn. A year and ten months after that, the actual POTUS is using mafia tactics to break up Bytedance on undefined national security grounds. History is a relentless master.On this side of the pond there’s a more rounded approach to Chinese diplomatic relations. HSBC -- a ~bn valued company that collects data on customers in 64 countries and publicly supports the CCP, having operated in Shanghai since 1865 -- breezed through a half-year results conference call in which

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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The FT’s first ever mention of Bytedance, the owner of video silo Tiktok, was in Alphaville....

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