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Markets Now – Wednesday 29th July 2020

The rash of “coronavirus changes everything” articles has eased a bit of late, perhaps in response to things not really changing all that much. Most sectors -- airlines, retail, real estate, whatnot -- are either clinging on for 2022 or accelerating the stuff they were planning to do anyway.One industry to find itself both clinging and accelerating is movies. Big studio releases now are trapped in purgatory awaiting a time when box office might plausibly justify their sunk costs. Premium video-on-demand plans have been pulled forward, meanwhile, because the movie shortage is depriving cinemas of bait for their bait-and-switch gambit of selling snacks and adverts for other movies. Overnight, Universal Pictures and US cinema operator AMC said they had agreed to shorten the new movie

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The rash of “coronavirus changes everything” articles has eased a bit of late, perhaps in...

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