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Markets not live, Wednesday 26th February 2020

Here’s a tweet the FCA was this morning promoting into timelines: That’s quite a broad warning. As of pixel the FTSE 100 and All-Share are on 12 month forward yields of 5.08 per cent and 4.83 per cent respectively. All but six of the FTSE 100 have an expected dividend yield of 1 per cent or more, along with 363 of the 623 stocks in the FTSE All-Share. Of the blue chips only LSE, Halma and JD Sports meet the FCA’s criteria for a safe investment by promising to yield more than zero but less than 1 per cent.In the mood to mask up and go income hunting? Here you go, top (theoretical) payers in the FTSE 100 and All-Share (via Bloomberg; DYOR):  The overarching unknown here relates to how safe a dividend can be from Card Factory or Photo-Me International, for example, if there are fewer

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Here’s a tweet the FCA was...

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