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Markets not live, Monday 24th February 2020

When we started doing this, the “Markets not live” branding was just a handy way to harvest searches for the legacy service. It now feels more like a portent. That’s a 2 per cent gain for the FTSE 100 in the three month hiatus between ML and MnL, and a 5.4 per cent drop since. You’re welcome.The theme of today is risk-off following a surge in coronavirus cases in Italy, South Korea and Iran over the weekend. Last week, there was a lot of discussion that Covid-19 would be a one-quarter event, which followed several companies taking Apple’s lead and saying, “yes, we too have shock-resistant supply chains and loyal fans for customers who’ll buy lots of things once they stop dying.” Spin forward a couple of days and we’ve reached the stage where City types forward round medical research to

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