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Markets Now – Thursday 10th September

It’s a day of everything and nothing. Stock benchmarks are going nowhere in particular, the ECB’s consistently haphazard messaging has lifted the euro a bit, and the corporate news is hard to group into any overarching theme other than to say “mostly retail”. At a scoreboard level it all looks like this: We can always rely on The Hut Group to give us an angle into the session, however. The Manchester-based whey powder, mascara and websites conglomerate today set out terms for its flotaton on LSE’s sub-prime segment. It’ll be raising £920m as previously flagged so the only real news is that KKR will be slotting up to £950m at 500p a share at the first opportunity, which’d give THG a market value of £5.4bn and a free float of about 35 per cent. As discussed at length in previous sessions,

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It’s a day of everything and nothing. Stock benchmarks are going nowhere in particular, the...

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