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Markets not live, Friday 10th January 2020

Who had January 10 in your office’s Superdry profit warning sweepstake? The winner can claim their prize. Underlying profit before tax will be between £10m and nil for the year ending April, Superdry warned. (The company-compiled consensus was £20m though house brokers had been rather more bullish.) Group revenue was 15.8 per cent lower over the 10 week period between Black Friday and New Year on “unprecedented levels of promotional activity coupled with subdued consumer demand immediately after Christmas". No part of the picture is pretty: store sales down 18 per cent, wholesale off 17 per cent and ecommerce (including, presumably, eBay) lower by 9 per cent. Co-founder Julian Dunkerton, having wrested back control last year, remains confident he’s steering in the right direction based on

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Who had January 10 in your office’s 

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