Friday , January 22 2021
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Further reading

Elsewhere on Thursday, -- Inside the longest lockdown in the world.-- An explosé on MI5’s unaccountable spying.-- The dash to unload property on Billionaires’ Row.-- Vaccine efficacy: number go up.-- The difficulty in trying to unload property with flammable cladding.-- Boring stations.-- Dining doctors.-- How to save the UK. (By The Big Clunking Fist.)-- How Covid dethroned the Kardashians.-- Apple’s “window-dressing”.-- Harness your hopes.-- The Record Deal Simulator.

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Global Economic Intersection Analysis Blog Feed writes Double Dip Recession?

Global Economic Intersection Analysis Blog Feed writes The Post-Keynesian View Of Monetary Policy

Tyler Cowen writes Scott Alexander’s Substack

Tyler Cowen writes That was then, this is now, now it’s now again

Elsewhere on Thursday,

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