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FT Alphaville takes a Tesla out for a spin

On a rather gloomy day just before a rather gloomy six months locked inside, FT Alphaville took a Tesla Model X out for a spin around the windy roads of Box Hill, Surrey.Little did we know then what would happen to Tesla’s share price over the coming months, as it almost halved before proceeding to take-off into the stratosphere. Today, Tesla stands at the most valuable car company in the world by some distance, a lead some expect to extend after the much-hyped “battery day” this coming Tuesday evening.The pandemic also made the original cut of the video out-of-date overnight so last week we sat down and added a new video interview section, added some new charts and re-jigged some of the originrejiggedto make it more relevant for today.Fortunately for us, bar the share price, not much has

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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