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Enron: blast from the past [update]

Enron CFO Andy Fastow at Camp Alphaville (RIP) in 2015 © FINANCIAL TIMES FT Alphaville has a morbid fascination with Enron. Whether its the Paul Rand-designed logo, executive Lou Pai’s excess strip club spending or Jeff Skilling’s infamous conference call outburst, there’s seemingly always something new to read about one of America’s greatest corporate scandals.Which brings us to a comment in Bryce’s Markets Not Live from Wednesday morning, which highlighted this entertaining “nothing to see here” Goldman Sachs sellside note on Enron.Timestamp: October 9, 2001. Anyone reading this at the time would find little justification for the “still the best of the best” assessment, however, in analyst David Fleisher’s rationalisations of Enron’s off-balance sheet transactions (the

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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