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Vaudeville update: Casting call for a vintage computer

The countdown to Vaudeville is on. 17-1/2 days and counting at pixel time.The promo, in case you missed it, is here: [embedded content] Planning for the event is proceeding swimmingly (and in no shape or form is Izzy breaking out in coldsweats or anxiety about having masterminded the sale of tickets in the guise of costless equity funding for an event that is mostly a proof of concept on the boundaries of the immutable rather than the material). So we will come clean. One particular segment would be enormously enhanced by the presence of a vintage computer.Izzy's dad threw out her original 90s Hewlett Packard, so Alphaville is in the market for a loaner. Do you or anyone you know have anything computational and vintage lying about the house within transportation distance of

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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The countdown to Vaudeville

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