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Vaudeville has taken over Alphaville 

If you wonder at any point in the coming week why you’re seeing fewer posts from us, it’s because there’s been a takeover here at FT Alphaville towers. A sock puppet who may or may not be appearing at Vaudeville on Friday That’s right. Sock puppets have escaped from the internet and are now in our midst, along with the other performers who will be appearing this Friday at Wilton’s Music Hall at Vaudeville, the Fyre Festival of Finance. (Some tickets are still available, which you can book here.) Of course, Bryce will still be hosting Markets Live, and Further Reading will be landing every morning. Plus, perhaps, one or two pieces from the Alphavillains. So do check in from time to time. Normal service to resume next week.

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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If you wonder at any point in the coming week why you’re seeing fewer posts from us, it’s...

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