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Uber’s conflicting self-driving fleet vision

We at Alphaville have for a long time argued the economics of self-driving taxi fleets don't work. If you're still not convinced, we recommend Uber's IPO docs, which were out Thursday.First off, a cursory reading of the documents implies the main reason Uber is being propelled into the self-driving race is not necessarily because it thinks it's going to work for them, but because it fears if it doesn't the likes of Google and Tesla will eat their lunch.From the S-1 (our emphasis):We have invested, and we expect to continue to invest, substantial amounts in autonomous vehicle technologies. As discussed elsewhere in this prospectus, we believe that autonomous vehicle technologies may have the ability to meaningfully impact the industries in which we compete. While we believe that autonomous

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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We at Alphaville have for a long time

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