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Turns out WeWork’s future is bright

Investor in WeWork? Feeling anxious? Don’t be. We all know the events of the past few months have been tough.  However, according to SoftBank Group’s latest earnings results, this is just a temporary setback. (Hat tip to @zebulgar for alerting us to this.) Glorious. Though the more risk averse among you might want to pay attention to the disclaimer below the chart, which we have printed here in a font that has about the same growth rate from the original small print as SoftBank expect WeWork to achieve: The information presented herein is provided for purely hypothetical, illustrative purposes only. Information herein reflect current beliefs of SBG as of the date hereof and is based on a variety of assumptions and estimates that are subject to various risks. The metrics regarding

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Investor in WeWork? Feeling anxious? Don’t be. 

We all know the events of the past few...

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