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High treason against pie charts

It’s been a while since we came across a chart that deserved to be put behind bars for the rest of its internet life. For a brief moment, we thought the web’s chart criminals had seen the light, and changed their ways for the virtuous life of presenting data in a logical fashion.So it was some disappointment that we stumbled across this treasonous pie chart from infographics provider Raconteur this blustery Manhattan morning (Alphaville is for a limited time a Transatlantic operation once more): We’re not mathematics experts, but even we’re pretty sure 59% + 59% + 59% + 32% + 45% + 57% + 57% + 54% + 46% doesn’t equal 100%. (It doesn’t even equal 360, in case you were wondering.)Throw away the keys.(h/t to @ActuallyFinance for pointing this one out on Twitter.)

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It’s been a while since we came across a chart that deserved to be put behind bars for the...

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