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Tesla’s war against whistleblower Martin Tripp

Today's Businessweek magazine (a Bloomberg title) is out with a fantastic piece on Tesla’s treatment of whisteblower Martin Tripp. Read it here. The article features an interview with former security manager Sean Gouthro, who filed a whistleblower report with the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 24.We wrote about Mr Tripp’s counterclaim case last summer, after he was sued by Tesla for exposing trade secrets, breaching his contractual and fiduciary duty, and making “false claims to the media about the information he stole”. He previously worked at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada.So here are some highlights from the Businessweek piece, it’s pretty bonkers:On June 20, the company sued Tripp for 7 million. Later that day, Tripp heard from the sheriff’s department in Storey

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Today's Businessweek magazine (a Bloomberg title) is out with a fantastic piece on Tesla’s...

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