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The Tesla semi-truck is ready to reserve [UPDATED]

Mea culpa: In our haste to bring you news, we reported this as if it was new. However, according to the Wayback Machine, Tesla has been taking deposits on the vehicle since November 2017.Not again. Just when we were contemplating a break from the Tesla madness, another development rears its ugly electric head.Tesla has made its semi-truck, first announced in 2017, available for reservation on its website. You can take a look here.Deposit? ,000. If you want a Founders Series, a reservation is the full price: 0,000.Here are the specs, and pricing:With no factory to build the vehicle in at the moment, and no delivery date in sight, it may be a while before a willing unsecured creditor buyer gets their grubby mits on the vehicle.Also, Tesla is estimating 0,000 in fuel savings:Electric

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Mea culpa: In our haste to bring you news, we reported this as if it was new. However,...

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