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Tesla is worth $10, $250 or $500

Alphaville is a big fan of Morgan Stanley equity analyst Adam Jonas. He’s a dreamer, a romanticist and an explorer of the unknown (via discounted cash flow projections).We often imagine him like the figure in Casper David Friedrich’s famous painting of the lonely wanderer: gazing out at a future, and world, still unknown: Over the years, Jonas’s commentary on electric car company Tesla has kept us amused, as you might have noticed back in May when we recounted his greatest hits.So it was with some excitement that we opened his latest note on Elon Musk’s grand vision of a green future. It didn’t disappoint.This note was an update to the Jonas bull-case for Tesla, with a price target raise to 0 under his best-case scenario. The reason? Well, here’s a snippet:We are increasing our Tesla

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Alphaville is a big fan of Morgan Stanley equity analyst Adam Jonas. He’s a dreamer, a...

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