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When the public relations industry does PR for itself

Earlier in January, BBC Radio 4 broadcasted the Art of Public Relations, a show which featured actual public relations specialists. What followed was a strange through-the-looking-glass backlash, first brought to our attention by this article in PR Week, in which professionals slammed the show as "wholly unfair" and "naive".The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), the industry’s lobbying group, went so far as to issue a press release this week [our emphasis]:BBC Radio 4’s show, The Art of Public Relations, was shockingly inaccurate in its representation of the PR and communications industry as we know it today. The fact that the BBC failed to contact the PRCA, the CIPR, or any other valid representative bodies for their insights is bad enough, but to continuously

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Earlier in January, BBC Radio 4 broadcasted the

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