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Overheard in the long room: trade war worries

“I worry about you Donny, sometimes I worry about you a lot” is a paraphrased line from the televised mini-series of Stephen King’s seminal novel IT.*And, as it turns out, some are really worried about Donny at the moment.From the latest edition of BAML’s fund manager survey, published Tuesday: Yep, the trade war once again leads the “biggest tail risk” question from the survey of 224 panellists with assets under management of 3bn.It’s not much of a surprise. Global equity markets seem to be moving on a single murmur from the orange one at the moment. On Tuesday they ripped higher on news that the latest round of tariffs would be suspended until Christmas, presumably to help with the shopping. On Wednesday they did the opposite, as soft data from Germany and China (both trade-war

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“I worry about you Donny, sometimes I worry about you a lot” is a

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