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Offsetting Flugscham

In German there’s even a word for it. Flugscham is a term coined to capture the feeling of guilt one encounters when flying, all too aware of the damage it does to the climate. Alphaville knows the feeling well. Yet we still succumb too easily to the twin forces of convenience and cognitive dissonance, and fly regularly without putting enough thought into greener alternatives.It’s what filmmaker Adam Curtis would call the “Oh Dearism” of modern liberal life. We are exposed to all sorts of scary things, but feel there is not much that we can do about it, which leaves us feeling ineffectual and depressed -- and our behaviour unchanged.So it’s nice of Ryanair to make us feel better about ourselves by offering Alphaville an option to offset our carbon footprint in the form of a €1 donation

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In German there’s even a word for it.

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