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Offsetting Flugscham. Private jets edition

Regular readers may recall Alphaville writing about our battle with Flugscham, a German term based on the Swedish phrase ‘Flygskam’ used to express guilt about frequent flying.It turns out the super rich are just like the rest of us, grappling with the same problems only at slightly higher altitudes.Take Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who faced a tabloid furore over their use of a private jet to fly from the UK to Nice for a short break at Sir Elton John’s pad. Sir Elton was quick to inform the haters that his environmentally conscious guests had, like Alphaville, offset their carbon footprint through a donation he had made on their behalf to a company that claims to do things that help the environment to exactly the same degree that you have destroyed it by flying. As we said in our

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Regular readers may recall Alphaville writing about our

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