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Spotted in NYC: a very bad Twitter ad

What feelings does this image engender in you? Anti-capitalist rage? A sickening sense of doom and foreboding? The heebie-jeebies? Um, warm and fuzzies? For us, when we came across the billboard in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, our reaction swung from confusion to knowing cynicism (a rather discordant combo, we acknowledge). But Williamsburg being Williamsburg, we assumed it was some sort of postmodern street art; some kind of bleak hat-tip to the dystopia that we find ourselves in on Twitter, where humans get a chance to play out the most loathsome, boorish, puerile, and plain dumb parts of themselves. (We did also wonder whether the artist should have replaced the word “beings” with “waste”, but reckoned that the former was perhaps more nuanced.)Having looked into the matter, we discovered

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