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Greenland not for sale (1930 edition)

From the FT, July 22, 1930 (apologies for the quality of the image but that’s how it was saved in our archive): That followed a Reuters report in the Financial Times on July 21, 1930, datelined Washington July 19, which noted the following:It is reported in the Press here that the British Government is considering the possibility of buying Greenland from Denmark or of extending its treaty rights there with a view to establishing a base for a northern air route to Canada.It is pointed out that the United States relinquished the claims to Northern Greenland, which it had put forward in view of the late Rear-Admiral R.E. Peary’s explorations in the last decade of the 19th century, when this country purchased the Virgin Islands from Denmark in 1917. However, Washington might consider itself

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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From the FT, July 22, 1930 (apologies for the quality of the image but that’s how it was saved...

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