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GMO: on the comeback trail

Gallons of ink has been spilled on the question of when value-investing -- the practice of buying treasure priced like trash -- will begin to outperform the market after a torrid decade of returns. To add to the literature is Grantham Mayo van Otterloo’s (GMO) Ben Inker, Head of Asset Allocation at the storied investment firm, who addressed the potential for a reversal in its third quarter letter, released Thursday.In short, the current market reminds him of 2000 -- when the Nasdaq bubble peaked, and EM debt was ebbing near its lowest points -- and that’s reason for some cautious optimism. Well, for its portfolios at least.From the quarterly letter:Ever since 2000, we have always assumed that neither the pain from the 1990s, nor the opportunity set that the pain created, would come our way

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Gallons of ink has been spilled on the question of when value-investing -- the practice of...

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