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Gilets are nuts, when’s the crash?

From men’s luxury store Mr Porter, may we introduce to you the “Banker” gilet: A snip at £510, we’re sure you’ll agree. Perhaps ski wear brand luxury fashion shop Moncler is on to something. For, in case you hadn’t noticed, gilets (or, as they’re often called, “vests”), have become the outer layer of choice for financiers from midtown Manhattan to Menlo Park to Mayfair. In Frankfurt, Claire tells us, the look is also popular.In the unlikely event you have no idea what we’re talking about, here’s the cable cowboy himself, John Malone, sporting the outfit at this year’s Sun Valley Conference: With tech-bro favourite Patagonia now refusing to provide branded vests to companies who don’t meet its environmental standards, there’s a gap in a market for other fashion houses -- such as

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From men’s luxury store Mr Porter, may we introduce to you the 

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