Tuesday , October 22 2019
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Further reading

Elsewhere on Monday,-- China and Taiwan clash over Wikipedia edits.-- A possible antidote to the opioid crisis, but the side-effect sometimes is death.-- Something good is happening with American wages.-- Why Narayana Kocherlakota is worried about the repo market.-- Students being forced into hotels because of unfinished housing.-- When Elon got scammed.-- The key to understanding Vladimir Putin.-- The repo spike as the money trust revisited.-- Why hospitals are getting into the housing business. Copyright The

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Paul Krugman writes Can Warren Escape the Medicare Trap?

FT Alphaville writes WeGiveIn: SoftBank to the rescue

Tyler Cowen writes Academic vita fraud?

Menzie Chinn writes Presentation: “The Economic Consequences of Trump’s War on Multilateralism”

Elsewhere on Monday,

-- China and Taiwan

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