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Further reading

Elsewhere on Wednesday:-- The inside story of the Brexit talks.-- AI CEO voice mimicry in cyber-crime case.-- A message to Hong Kong’s protesters.--What stats can and can’t tell us (about ourselves).-- Five millennials, changing the world.-- Hedge funds fight over wreckage of PG&E.-- Governing by owning the libs.-- Everything you need for baseball is made in China.-- Memos to the new EU leadership. Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2019. All rights reserved. You may share using our article tools. Please don't cut

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Miles Kimball writes Angus Deaton: What Do Self-Reports of Wellbeing Say about Life-Cycle Theory and Policy?

Miles Kimball writes Chris Kimball: The Language of Doubt

Tyler Cowen writes Saturday assorted links

Bradford DeLong writes This From Dan Alpert Still Makes Immense Sense

Elsewhere on Wednesday:

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