Friday , July 19 2019
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Further reading

Meanwhile on Tuesday...-- Stranger Things in the supermarkeet-- Does wealth affect how morally you invest?-- About this Jeffrey Epstein guy-- Toronto has a housing stock problem-- The pleasures of mansion porn, not porn in mansions-- Measles in 'Muria-- An ode to Mad-- USWNST: a commie conspiracy-- Turds in the ANTA punchbowl-- Epstein's mysterious fortune-- John Hempton, unplugged-- Ministry of Justice, unhinged-- Song of the day: Polmo Polpo -- Requiem for a Fox Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2019. All rights

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Tyler Cowen writes Rhino bond markets in everything

Tyler Cowen writes Thursday assorted links

Menzie Chinn writes The Course of the US-China Trade War, Viewed through the Lens of Soybeans

Shlomo Ben-Ami writes No Economic Peace for Palestinians

Meanwhile on Tuesday...


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