Sunday , April 21 2019
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Further reading

Elsewhere on Friday,- How Spotify saved the music industry (but not necessarily musicians)- How Tesla and its doctor made sure injured employees didn’t get workers’ comp.- The London mansions nobody ever lived in.- The Uber IPO docs are out.- Amazon's cashless Go stores will begin accepting cash.- Whether and when it is the relationship of the economy's growth rate to the safe government-bond interest or to the risky average profit rate that defines whether more government debt is good or bad?- Disney's next remake will be itself.- Breaking up social media platforms like Facebook won't solve their problems.- Why are online education prices not falling?

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Tyler Cowen writes Families and social networks don’t always help stroke victims

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Scott Sumner writes Do Donald Trump and Bryan Caplan have the same goal (for immigration)?

Scott Sumner writes Impeach him

Elsewhere on Friday,

- How Spotify

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