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Today, in fintech marketing

Mundane fintech company: “we really need to get across just how radical and disruptive our product is. We’re just not getting the kind of traction we deserve.”Advertising company: “got u fam” Fierce. Fearless.  Freedom.  While you might expect such aggressive advertising copy from a streetwear brand like Nike, Supreme or Adidas, these images are actually from a new ad campaign for Curve, a card that acts like wallet but is not a wallet, but is also kept in your wallet.The credit/debit card amalgamator has had its fair share of headlines in the past. In recent times, we looked at its rather fuzzy crowdfunding campaign, while it has had a long running spat with American Express that came to a head in February this year. (Full FT story here.)Which is why it was of

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Mundane fintech company: “we really need to get across just how radical and disruptive our...

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