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Whoever said fintech was really all about branding? (Update*)

Today, in awkward fintech encounters: That's Tom Blomfield, CEO and founder of young-fresh-and-cool challenger bank Monzo, pointing out to tyrannosaurus-rex bank Halifax that, um, someone forgot to change the name and BIN number (or Bank Identification Number — the first 6 digits on the card, which identify the card-issuer) in an illustration of their copycat innovative and disruptive new app. In the picture, the mocked-up card belongs to one Natalie Ledward, the name of a “vulnerable customer analyst” (!) at Monzo. To be fair to Halifax, Ms Ledward could well have a Halifax account as well as a Monzo account. As we have pointed out before, UK fintechs have a long way to go before they become proper competitors to established British lenders like Halifax. Most users tend to use the

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Today, in awkward fintech encounters:

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