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Disney and the death of cultural transmission

The house of mouse, Disney, reported its second-quarter results on Tuesday. They weren’t good. Despite strong growth from its film studio — thanks to popcorn pleasers such as Avengers: Endgame, Toy Story 4 and err, Aladdin — revenues came in 0m below expectations, at .3bn. Earnings-per-share of .35 also missed forecasts; analysts expected a figure of .72.Disney’s shares, as expected, didn’t take the news well, falling just under 5 per cent on Wednesday: As with any mega-corporation’s results, there were multiple reasons for the miss. For one, the integration of 21st Century Fox’s wide range of entertainment assets, purchased last year for .3bn, isn’t quite going to plan. Chief executive Bob Iger told analysts that “Fox Studio performance . . . was well below where it had

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The house of mouse, Disney, reported its

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