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Deliveroo and the profitability problem

Deliveroo, the lossmaking food delivery company which once briefly employed Alphaville’s editor, announced a new product line on Sunday.From the Telegraph’s James Cook:DELIVEROO is introducing food collection services at 10,000 UK restaurants in a move that risks inflaming tensions with its delivery riders.The online food delivery group plans to roll out a new "Pickup" service, where customers save money by collecting food themselves, at half of its UK restaurants within six months.It hopes the scheme will help it win new customers and sign up extra restaurants as it wages a battle with rivals. Uber Eats launched a similar service in May.Alphaville commented on the speculation around this service back in February, and it seems it is now becoming a reality.As the Telegraph points out, the

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Deliveroo, the lossmaking food delivery company which once

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