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The most complicated debt restructuring in history

Subscribe to AlphachatRadioPublicSpotifyacastStitcheriTunes Venezuela's humanitarian and economic catastrophe is getting worse. The political situation remains fraught, and President Maduro's grip on power does not appear to be loosening as quickly as many Venezuelans and the US, which backed opposition leader Juan Guaidó would like. At the same time, however, discussion are already taking place across financial capitals around the world about what happens to the roughly 0bn of debt the countr and its state-owned oil company owe not only to institutional investors and corporations, but also China and Russia — among others.Many creditors have banded together into groups, and some hedge funds have even flocked to the courthouse to file lawsuits.This week, Alphaville sat down with Odette

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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